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How to run iOS cloud build is Blup?

You have to first configure the details in Configure ⚙️section, if not done already.

Follow the below steps to build & Publish an iOS build on App Store, even if you are on Windows or Linux.

Running iOS cloud builds can be straightforward and efficient. This guide will help you understand the steps to successfully execute an iOS cloud build for your app. Let's dive in!

Step-by-Step Guide 📝

1. Prepare Your Project 📁

Before starting, ensure your project is ready:

  • Update Dependencies: Make sure all your dependencies are up-to-date.

  • Check Configurations: Verify all configurations are correct, including your Info.plist file.

2. Configure Cloud Build Settings ☁️

Set up your cloud build environment:

  • Sign In: Log into your cloud build service provider.

  • Select Project: Choose the project you want to build.

  • Configure Build Settings: Adjust settings like build configurations, environment variables, and provisioning profiles.

3. Start the Build Process 🏗️

Initiate the build:

  • Trigger Build: Click on the ‘Start Build’ button.

  • Monitor Build: Watch the build progress and ensure there are no errors. This step might take a few minutes.

4. Troubleshooting Common Issues 🛠️

Sometimes, issues can occur:

  • Build Failures: Check error logs to identify the cause.

  • Configuration Errors: Double-check your settings and try again.

  • Dependency Issues: Ensure all dependencies are correctly installed and compatible.

5. Finalize and Download Build 📥

Once the build is successful:

  • Download Build: Retrieve the built application from the cloud.

  • Test Application: Run tests on your app to ensure it works as expected.

  • Deploy to App Store: Follow the guidelines to publish your app on the App Store.

Remember to review the detailed instructions provided in Blup's documentation to ensure a smooth build and publishing process.

For more detailed instructions, visit Blup Docs.

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