UI Nodes

Bridge between the Design [blup designer] and logics [Blup Logics].

UI nodes Overview

Nodes present in this section are one of the most important and widely used nodes. They are not present in the arsenal panel in blup lightning, rather they are generated automatically by blup from the designer section itself.

These nodes help you to connect the UI with actual Logic, or we can say that they act as a bridge between the blup Designer UI and Blup Lightning logics section. These nodes help you to capture user events like on click etc. and create logic for these events.

UI Nodes are divided into four main types:

  1. Rectangle UI Node:

    • A versatile node used to create rectangular elements in the UI.

    • Commonly used for buttons, input fields, and other rectangular components.

    • More details: Rectangle UI Node

  2. Group UI Node:

    • Allows grouping of multiple UI elements.

    • Facilitates collective management of properties and actions for grouped items.

    • More details: Group UI Node

  3. Text UI Node:

    • Used for adding and managing text elements within the UI.

    • Supports various text properties like font size, color, and alignment.

    • More details: Text UI Node

  4. List UI Node:

    • Enables the creation and management of list-based UI elements.

    • Useful for displaying data in a structured list format.

    • More details: List UI Node

Functionality and Usage

UI Nodes are automatically generated from the designer section and are essential for capturing user interactions and linking them to the appropriate logic. This automation streamlines the development process, reducing manual work and potential errors.

Key Roles:

  • Design to Logic Transition: Facilitates smooth integration between visual design and logical functionality.

  • Event Handling: Captures and manages user events, ensuring responsive interactions.

  • Automation: Enhances development efficiency by generating nodes automatically.

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