List Properties

Manage list properties in Blup to display data effectively within your app's user interface.


Align Icons

Click icons or use shortcut keys to align text. For example, click "Align Left" or use Ctrl+Shift+Left to left-align text.


Set List positions on the X and Y axis of the mobile canvas.

List Size

Specify the width and height of the List by providing values for width (W) and height (H).


Provide margin to the List view from any of the four directions by specifying the margin value.

List Type

Select the layout of the list: simple list, wheel list, or one item list.

Scroll Physics

Adjust the scrollable effect: always scrollable, bouncing, clamping, or never scrollable scroll physics.

Internal Scroll Margin

Adjust the margin of the list from inside. Provide a fixed margin for all sides or set individual margins by clicking on the icon.

Space Between Items

Adjust the spacing between the items inside the list. Set item spacing to adjust space between items or grid space for equal horizontal and vertical spacing between items.


By checking the checkbox the entire selected list will be hidden.

Horizontal Scroll

Check the checkbox to hide horizontal scroll and show only one item.

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