Text Button Widget

TextButton widget is used to create a text-based button that responds to user taps. It provides a simple, flat button style with text and optional icons.

To integrate a TextButton Widget into your UI, follow these steps:

1. Drag the TextButton widget from the Insert menu and drop it into your desired location within your UI.

2. Customize the appearance and behavior of the TextButton by adjusting its properties in the editing section on the right. You can modify properties such as text, style, color, and onPressed callback to define its appearance and behavior.

3. Also you can give Ellipsis on over flow of the text, or can add selectable text.

Components of Text Button Widget


Align Icons

Click icons or use shortcut keys to align Text Button. For example, click "Align Left" or use Ctrl+Shift+Left to left-align Text Button.


Set Text Button positions on the X-Position and Y-Position of the mobile canvas.


Adjust Text Button margin from top, bottom, left, or right by specifying margin values.

Text Button property

Modify text directly in the provided field, and changes will reflect on the mobile canvas.

Font Type

Choose the preferred font type for selected text on Text Button.

Font Style

Select font styles from a dropdown menu.

Font Size

Define the font size of the selected text.

Letter spacing

Specify spacing between letters of the selected text.

Line Height

Define the height between lines of text.

Left Align

This option aligns the text from the left.

Centre Align

This option aligns the text to the centre.

Right Align

This option aligns the text to the right.

Text Size Adjustment

Choose between Auto Width, Auto Height, or Fixed Size to adjust the dimensions of the text.

Max Line

Define the maximum number of lines the selected text can take up. for example, if you define the value as 2 then the text can only take up 2 lines.

Font color

Change the color of the text using color picker, hex code, or RGB sliders.

Fill color

Change the color of the text button using color picker, hex code, or RGB sliders.

Border Color

Choose a color to set the container's border color. Adjust the border color from inside, outside, or center of the container by selecting it from the drop-down.

Border Width

Adjust the border width by providing a value. Select specific sides for border width by clicking the checkboxes.

Ellipsis, on text overflow

Show "..." if text overflows the specified max line limit.

Selectable Text

Allow users to select text for toolbar operations by checking this field.


By checking the checkbox, the entire selected Textbutton widget will be hidden.

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