Creating sign up/ sign in in Blup

1. Create Screens: Build separate screens for sign-in and sign-up. These screens should include fields for users to input their credentials, such as email and password.

2. Implement Logic: In the sign-in screen, add logic in the Logic Panel to handle user authentication. This logic should verify the user's credentials, typically by sending them to a backend server for validation. If the credentials are valid, the user is logged in and directed to the main app screen.

3. Connect to Backend: Ensure your sign-in screen is connected to the backend server where user data is stored. This connection allows the app to verify user credentials and retrieve user information from the server.

4. Sign-Up Functionality: Similarly, in the sign-up screen, implement logic to handle user registration. When a user signs up, their information is sent to the backend server to create a new account.

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