Right-Click Menu in Design

Utilize the right-click menu in Blup for quick access to essential design tools and options.

The Right-Click Menu in Design provides a comprehensive set of functionalities for efficiently managing and manipulating components within your project.

You just have to right-click in Design, the menu will appear.

Add Logic

Opens the Logic Panel, a robust system enabling the creation of logical workflows around designs and interactions. The Logic Panel supports a diverse range of nodes, including variables (e.g., strings, integers) and SDKs hosted on pub.dev.

Copy, Paste, and Delete


Duplicates the selected component, including its entire structure such as containers, texts, and widgets. This feature is handy for replicating existing components within your design.


Inserts the previously copied component as a new independent instance. This allows for the creation of duplicates without affecting existing components, fostering flexibility in design.


Removes the selected component from the UI, deleting it entirely—a crucial function for component management and cleanup.

Copy and Paste Properties

Copy Properties

Copies all properties of the selected component, excluding height, width, and widget-specific properties. This feature is useful for transferring styles and settings between components.

Paste Properties

Applies the copied properties to the selected component. This allows for the efficient transfer of styling and configuration settings.

Copy Page, Paste Page, and Delete Page

Copy Page

Duplicates the current page, facilitating the replication of entire layouts or structures.

Paste Page

Inserts the copied page as a new page, allowing for the seamless duplication of entire pages within your project.

Delete Page

Removes the current page and opens the last page before it. Useful for page management and navigation.

Sent Backward/Forward

Sent Forward

Brings the selected component one layer above its current position in the layer hierarchy, adjusting the visual stacking order.

Send Backward

Pushes the selected component one layer below its current position in the layer hierarchy.

Sent to Front/Back

Sent to Front

Brings the selected component to the top layer of the UI, making it visually the foremost element.

Sent to Back

Pushes the selected component to the bottom layer of the UI, making it the visually rearmost element.



Groups one or more components together, creating a single top-level layer. Grouping facilitates the management of related elements as a unified entity.


Removes layers from the selected group, allowing for the disassociation of components within a group.



Converts the currently selected component into a ScrollView—a view group used to make vertically scrollable views. Useful for creating scrollable sections within your design.


Undo the ScrollView operation, reverting the selected component to its original state.



Converts the selected components into a ListView widget, a versatile component for displaying a scrollable list of items.


Undo the ListView operation, reapplying the conversion of selected components into a ListView.



Creates a ListView of pages, allowing you to map indexes of the pages to different components. Users can navigate through these pages using the designated components.


Undoes the PageListView operation, reverting the selected component to its original state before the ListView of pages is applied.

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