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User Interface Designer inside Blup.
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Blup Designer

Blup designer is a module of blup where you can design your UI [User Interface]. The Designer is developed in-house from the ground up to cater to all the needs of beautiful as well as complex UI very easily. It is based on the existing prototype platform that is available in the market, but with a blend of blup in it, which means that using few tools, you can design complex UI with a greater speed and precision.
Blup designer consists of tight integration with windows which means that any files like images, GIFs and videos that are present on your file explorer can be directly dragged and dropped into the blup and all the files work seamlessly.
Let's understand the components of blup designer one by one
  1. 1.
    Status bar or status panel on top of blup.
  2. 2.
    Tools section on the left side.
  3. 3.
    Properties panel on the right side.
  4. 4.
    Pages or mobile Section.
Each consist has its own dedicated documentation which covers all the aspects, Before directly jumping to each section documentation, let's understand on a high level what each section do.
After this, we move onto each component brief docs.

Status Bar

The status bar is the panel that is present on the top of blup. This panel consisted of some of the most important features that help you quickly build UI.
In the centre of the Status bar, you can see the name of the project that you are building. Now let’s see all other options available on the panel.

Tools Section

This section consists of all the tools are required to build actual UI, SO let's go over each tool one by one to understand them.

Properties Panel

This is one of the most important panels. It consists of related properties for the currently selected item in the designer. From this panel, you can modify the properties of your widgets present in the designer. This panel changes according to what you have selected for example if you selected the rectangle then the properties you will see are different if you have selected the text then the properties you will see are different.

Pages or Mobile Canvas

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